Club Memberships

Joining Club 509 Pickleball Club is a great way to support our sport and help us have a voice with our local city governments. The Club’s primary goal is to advocate for improvement of existing facilities, addition of more courts, and working with local businesses to help them understand the value of Pickleball in our community.

Your membership dollars are not the most important aspect of your membership. We are hoping to find people willing to work along side our board members and find opportunities to make Pickleball visible to our local governments. If they see the number of people playing they may budget for courts in new parks or see the value in conversion of less utilized courts into Pickleball courts. Together we can build a future that allows Pickleball to grow in our community and have enough courts that everyone who wants to play can come and play.

Club activities will include competitive play, Social Play and educational opportunities. We hope to have something for every level of play!

Individual Membership


Join today and help us grow the sport, advocate for better facilities and show our cities we need more courts.


Individual Membership

Couple Membership


Couples can join and save a bit while helping us show the local governments that Pickleball facilities are needed.

Couple Membership

Family Memberships


Family memberships include two adult memberships and two youth memberships.

Family Membership

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